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2020 LS MT240E Loader & Backhoe

All the power you need to get down to business—whether that’s running a business, managing crops or maintaining your land. And you can do it in comfort, thanks to low-noise and low-vibration engines. Light and medium-duty compacts, value-priced and fully featured.





Spec Value
Type 3-Cylinder, CRDI, Water-cooled, Diesel, TC
Model (Tier 4) L3C19-T
Engine HP (Gross) 40
PTO HP 34.0
Rated Speed (RPM) 2,600
Displacement (cu. in.) 114.7
Fuel Tank Capacity (gal) 7.4
Alternator (V-A) 12 – 50
Spec Value
Transmission Synchro shuttle
No. of Speeds F12 X R12
Brakes Wet, Multi Disc
Steering Hydrostatic Power Steering
Spec Value
Type Independent
Rear (rpm) Standard (540)
Mid (rpm) Option (2,000)
Spec Value
Implement pump (gpm) 8.2
Steering pump (gpm) 5.5
Total flow (gpm) 13.7
Category, 3 pt hitch CAT 1
Hitch Lift capacity (lb) 1,808
Remote Valves Option
Spec Value
Overall length, Frame to link, (in.) 121
Wheelbase (in.) 69
Overall width with tires, in. (in.) 54
Height to top of ROPS (in.) 88
Spec Value
Ag Front/Rear 7 – 14 / 11.2 – 24
IND Front / Rear 25 x 8.5 – 14 / 43 x 16 – 20
Turf Front / Rear 25 x 8.5 – 14 / 41 x 14 – 20
Spec Value
Total weight without ballast (lbs. 2,881
Spec Value
Bucket (in) 66
Maximum Lift height (in) 94
Clearance with Attachment Dump (in) 65.6
Reach at Maximum Height (in) 11.5
Maximum Dump Angle (deg) 57
Maximum Rollback Angle (deg) 40
Digging Depth (in) 5.5
Overall Height in Carry Position (in) 53
Lift Capacity (@ Pivot pin) (lbs) 2,153
Breakout Force (@ Pivot pin) (lbs) 3,579
Approx. Weight (Loader w/o Bucket) (lbs) 653
Spec Value
Digging Depth (in) 76.3
Reach From centerline of swing Pivot (in): 113.1
Loading Height (in) 63.6
Swing Arc (deg.): 180
Transport Height (in) 77.2
Bucket Rotation (deg.) 180
Stabilizer Spread (Down Position) (in) 68.7
Stabilizer Spread (Up Position) (in): 46.4
Lift Capacity(@ Pivot pin) (lbs.) 1,688 Breakout Force(@ Pivot pin) (lbs.): 2,855 Approx. Weight (Loader w/o Bucket) (lbs.): 650 BACKHOE – LB1105 Digging Depth (in): 76.3 Reach From centerline of swing Pivot (in): 113.1 Loading Height (in): 63.6 Swing Arc (deg.): 180 Transport Height (in): 77.2 Bucket Rotation (deg.) :180 Stabilizer Spread (Down Position) (in): 68.7 Stabilizer Spread (Up Position) (in): 46.4 Bucket Digging force (lbs.) 2,817


More Features Come Standard

  • INDEPENDENT PTO: Easiest PTO to operate that can be turned on or off with a switch.
  • STANDARD 12X12 SYNCHRO SHUTTLE: Makes changing direction easier than competitive non-shuttle gear models. 12 forward / 12 reverse gear transmission provides more operating speeds than others in its class for superior control, precision and safe operations for virtually any application.
  • SIDE MOUNTED MAIN GEAR LEVER: Maximizes space and makes getting on and off tractor easier than straddle type like other brands.
  • STANDARD TILT & POWER STEERING: Makes turning easier, improves control and reduces fatigue.
  • FENDER MOUNTED JOYSTICK FOR FRONT END LOADER: Easily accessible for maximum comfort and convenience.
  • STANDARD FOLDABLE ROPS: Allows Storage in low clearance buildings or sheds.
  • YOUR CHOICE OF TIRES AT NO ADDITIONAL COST*: Choose Ag, Industrial or Turf tires at no additional cost. * Subject to dealer inventory.
  • 3-POINT HITCH: Category 1 with a hitch lift capacity of 1,808 lbs. allows usage of a wide variety of implements.
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED 3-POINT HITCH CONTROLS: Easily accessible for maximum comfort and convenience with hydraulic position control.
  • STANDARD DRAW BAR: Increases the usefulness of the tractor without the additional optional cost.
  • LARGE FUEL TANK: 7.4 gallon capacity provides long operation times between fill ups.
  • STANDARD RUBBER MAT: Reduces noise, vibration and prevents slipping.
  • LS CRDI TIER 4 ENGINE: Generates more power with less noise, fuel consumption, vibration and emissions. Standard preheat starting aid helps starting in cold weather.
  • EASY OPEN ONE-PIECE HOOD: Provides accessibility for easy maintenance.
  • MODERN ERGONOMIC DESIGN: This compact is ergonomically designed .
  • ADJUSTABLE SEAT WITH SEAT BELT: Keeps you in a comfortable and safe position for maximum control.

More Options

  • Remote Valve- 1 pair (2 outlets) or 2 pair (4 outlets)
  • Detent Kit
  • Work Light
  • Horn
  • Front Weight – 44 lbs. x 4

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