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Equipment Technology

The Right Combination

Riggs Cat, through our partner SITECH Arkansas, makes smart use of technology and services to improve efficiency. Using data from technology-equipped machines, you’ll access critical information and insight into your construction equipment and operations. Working with Riggs and SITECH, you can find the right combination of construction equipment management technologies and services for your job sites. Contact your nearest branch to learn more about how technology can improve your operations.

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Equipment Technology Options

Whether your goal is to maximize production, reduce costs or improve safety, Riggs Cat gives you the options you need to build a successful, sustainable business.

Cat® Product Link™ helps you take the guesswork out of equipment management. When you know where your equipment is, what it’s doing and how it’s performing, you can maximize your efficiency and lower your operating costs. Benefits of this technology include:

  • See Your Fleet at a Glance: Comprehensive and flexible remote monitoring, asset tracking, maintenance management and more.
  • User-friendly Interface: VisionLink® enables you to find, track and manage all of your equipment and gives you intuitive access to comprehensive information customized to your equipment’s performance and condition.
  • Comprehensive Fleet Management: See and find equipment quickly with customized views of assets; access alerts, location and tracking information; monitor fuel usage and more.
  • Customizable User Alerts and Displays: Configure and access real-time alerts, including service due, site boundary movement, asset operation and more.
  • Detailed Asset Management: Locate equipment; track asset movement; see fuel status, working time vs. idle time and service needs; and access payload system information.
  • Timely Maintenance Management: Plan and track maintenance, see performed and due services and directly access the Cat® Parts Store.

Whether you work in landscaping, construction, forestry, or any other industry that relies on compact and heavy equipment, payload systems are critical to protecting your fleet. These systems are used to weigh material that is hauled by trucks and scrapers or loaded by excavators and wheel loaders and help customers improve productivity, improve safety and reduce wear and tear on tires and on roads.

Cat Production Measurement

The Cat Production Measurement systems put payload scales in all Cat load-and-haul-products, including wheel loaders, excavators, articulated trucks, off-highway rigid frame trucks and scrapers.

The system is available on all 2014 and later M Series Wheel Loaders, some F Series Excavators, all C Series Articulated Trucks and Cat Off-Highway Rigid Frame Trucks.

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Cat® Machine Security Systems keep equipment safe by allowing control over who can operate machines and when. Integrated into the electronics of Cat equipment, the system guards the starting system, engine and transmission and offers many options to help manage equipment.

Each security key is unique so operators can be restricted to certain machines or hours of operation. The system can also be programmed to allow use of the standard black key during active periods, and then, for after hours, automatically rearm. Other benefits include:

  • Theft protection
  • Restrict machine access to known operators
  • Easily installs on all Cat equipment
  • Cat-designed and machine-integrated
  • Potential insurance savings

Scheduled Oil Sampling (S.O.S.) is fluid maintenance and is necessary to keep machines and engines operating at peak performance. Sampling fluids throughout the machine lifecycle can optimize performance, maximize productivity, reduce operating costs and increase resale values.

The Importance of S.O.S. Services

  • Detects problems early, so they can be repaired before they become major failures
  • Helps you schedule downtime to fit your workload
  • Monitors positives as well as negatives, so that you won’t have to pay for repair of components that are not worn out
  • Allows you to monitor maintenance schedules to verify that routine maintenance has been performed
  • Enables you to better manage budgets by predicting repairs, downtime and equipment life
  • Helps you develop a complete service history for each machine – this proves invaluable when evaluating performance and planning replacement purchases
  • Documents service history for a higher price at trade-in or sale
  • Experts at the Cat S.O.S. lab perform testing on oil, coolant and fuel samples that have been taken at regularly scheduled intervals
  • Printed or electronic reports provide you with clear, concise and timely reports reflecting careful interpretations and recommendations

The VIMS System helps manage entire fleets by letting each machine provide up-to-the-minute information about its own health and the working conditions around it. The key to letting you “listen” to your equipment is a combination of two integrated systems:

  1. The VIMS On-board System: A hardware-based system that captures machine data, delivers instant feedback to the operator and makes vital machine-generated data available for download.
  2. The VIMS Off-board System: Primarily a software solution system that helps you drill into information, glean relevant facts and make well-informed maintenance, operations and management decisions.

The VIMS System also enables many other integrated Cat mining technologies, making data even more powerful and valuable. Plus, Cat and your dealer offer tools to help you manage and analyze your proprietary data, helping to deliver maximum value for your entire operation.

Hands-on Training Options From operator training to technology training, hands-on options offered by Riggs are held conveniently in the field, online and in the classroom.

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