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Cat Certified Powertrain Rebuild

The Certified Powertrain Rebuild (CPT) is designed to address the powertrain rebuild of all machines that are in the CCR program. It is a dealer rebuild of the entire powertrain. This program is like the Cat® Certified Rebuild program in that the powertrain components are completely disassembled and all critical engineering updates are incorporated. The CPT includes extended powertrain coverage through Cat Insurance.  

 The CPT Program includes the following:

  • Basic engine, including fuel, oil and water pump; turbocharger; governor; engine control module, etc.
  • Transmission
  • Transmission pumps
  • Hydraulic controls
  • Torque converter 
  • Drive line  
  • Drive shafts and U-joints 
  • Differential 
  • Transfer gear group  
  • Drive axles  
  • Final drives 
  • Electronic controls and sensors that function to direct power to move the machine 
  • Radiators and coolers

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