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Buckets - Loader

Cat® Loaders can meet and exceed the requirements of any job when equipped with the right bucket.

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Coal - Performance Series

Maximum productivity in loading and stockpile applications.

General Purpose Buckets - Performance Series

General Purpose Performance buckets provides higher fill factors and material retention in load and carry applications, as well as grading, leveling and dumping in a wide variety of applications and materials.


Grapple buckets, equipped with dual top clamps, grab and hold loose material. They are key producers in transfer stations, landfills and similar applications.

Heavy Duty Granite

For use in extremely aggressive applications, such as face-loading granite.

High Abrasion Rock

Designed for extremely abrasive applications, such as face loading shot rock and ore.

High Dump Buckets

Increased dump height equals better performance in loading applications.

Light Material Buckets

Used for loading light, loosely-packed materials.

Material Handling

Material Handling Bucket is a flat-floor bucket used for handling stockpiled materials such as aggregates or other easy-to-load materials requiring moderate breakout force.

Multi-Purpose Buckets

Excellent versatility for re-handling, clamping, dozing, grading, leveling and dumping.

Sand & Gravel Buckets

Sand and Gravel Buckets are designed for aggregate handling in batch plant loader applications.


Designed for continuous, heavy-duty work in hot slag.

Waste Handling

Waste Buckets are designed for long life in the harsh world of refuse applications. This high-capacity bucket is well-suited for loading, sorting and other transfer station work.

Woodchip Buckets

Woodchip buckets are built for high-volume loading of woodchips.

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